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Caracteristici principale

  • "Since its foundation, NEOBLU has opted for quality and durable products. Our aim is to enable our customers to consume less but better. We choose fabrics that are hard-wearing, comfortable, easy to care for and, whenever possible, made of recycled or organic materials. We offer a reasonable number of items, with essential products and timeless styles so as not to be subject to fashion fads. We keep producing the items we offer to our customers so that they do not have to build a new wardrobe for their teams at the end of each season.

  • Finally, since NEOBLU is a SOLO Group’s brand, it is fully in line with its “wear&care” programme, ensuring our garments reflect the values of those who make it and those who wear it."

Date tehnice

  • Marca :NEOBLU
  • Categoria produsului:Instrumente De Marketing
  • Categorie:Instrumente De Marketing
  • Dimensiuni:U
  • Tara de origine:France

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