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Welcome to our online store!


  • Our Webshop has been redesigned!

    One of the most important long term vision of our company, has been to improve our communication with our clients.
    With that in mind, we have upgraded and redesigned both the look and the content of our webshop.
    In accordance to the latest e-commerce trends, we tried to create www.utteam.com a place where our clients would find it easy to locate and order our products.
    • User our brand new filters to locate your products rapidly. Click the "ALL PRODUCTS" from the menu to see them.
    • Our product list can now be sorted by price, giving you the means to find our cheapest products.
    • OUTLET = these products cannot be backordered, SALE = the model has products with cheaper price for selected colors and/or sizes
    • Important financial and order information can be found in the dashboard section(My Account)
    • For some brands, beside the UTT inventory we are able to show our supplier's stock levels
    • Orders can be also imported directly into the shopping cart from an external delimited file.